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Establishing a Culture of Community Learning and Literacy

Project Sponsored by the Community-Based Research for Engagement and Education Group

Community Health and Strength Through Learning and Literacy

Moving from Survival to a Culture of Lifelong Learning



Many Mon Valley communities are experiencing elevated poverty levels as well as environmental and airborne hazards.


Join and collaborate with CBREE for developing individual empowerment and social cohesion that are are crucial to the well-being of citizens, fostering participation, trust, connectedness, and civic engagement. 

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Community-Based Research for Engagement and Education

What We Know


Why should everyone care? Even those in more affluent communities?

In Allegheny County, poverty is moving beyond the urban settings.

64% - Poverty grew in American suburbs between 2000 and 2011


61% - People in Allegheny County living in poverty

79% - People in poverty living in the suburbs in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area

Source, p. 4

Urban Housing

For solid economic development and raising children who are healthy and academically proficient, it is crucial to:

  • ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to become literate and obtain basic skills,

  • encourage and enable individuals to actively participate in the public life of their community.

SOURCE: UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, Guiding Documents, p. 6


©2021 Ramo Lordeni

CBREE collaborates with interested community stakeholders to build and sustain a healthy community for developing community leaders and teachers of their children.


Strengthening Community Support Capacities

CBREE invites people and organizations to collaborate for learning outside formal educational structures and create communities as sites of learning.


The basic support pillars (see the accompanying pictorial) of a community are (arguably) Survival, Family, Workforce, Volunteer, Leisure, and Services. These pillars support and sustain the health and prosperity of people, families, and communities.


By us collaborating to strengthen the Community Support Structures for establishing community-based learning spaces, a lifelong learning culture is initiated.


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